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Toledo, OH 43612-2933
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Our capabilities include:

Custom control panel wiring.
Design and drafting (CADD), wired and installed to your specs. JIC, NEC, CSA or applicable standards. On-site panel wiring can also be arranged if needed.

Machine wiring.
Design and update control portions of existing machines. Our journeymen comply with JIC, NEC, and Local Division 1, Class 1 and Class 2 standards.

Custom pneumatic tubing.
Design, service, and maintenance of pneumatic and electro pneumatic systems and controls.

PLC/HMI programming.
PLC based control and data acquisition programming for machines and systems.

Custom enclosures.
Any style and/or size of control console, from the smallest to walk-into type houses, as well as specialty stainless steel enclosures.

Maintenance, troubleshooting and testing.
Complete service and maintenance of electrical control systems, pneumatic control systems, and machine tool wiring.

Assembly, painting, name plate engraving and crating-domestic and export.
Performed to your satisfaction, from design to delivery.

Design, fabrication, programming, and installation of industrial control systems.

Call us for:
• control system design
• custom control panel wiring
• machine and machine tool wiring
• system control update for existing machines
• pneumatics – piping
• graphic monitoring displays
• computer programming for machines and systems
• custom and standard control enclosures
• system start-up and support
• maintenance and troubleshooting
• piping – copper, poly, brass and stainless instrumentation tubing